AIHEC/DOE Grant Award for Advanced Manufacturing Development ($150,000)
Jan 4, 2016

Department of Energy Grant with AIHEC: The NNSA and DOE awarded to BMCC/GLCI and 4 other colleges a startup grant to develop collaboratively new technology in energy and other high priority initiatives with first year funding of $150K awarded to the 5 indian minority colleges that met the NNSA/DOE requirements. This funding has achieved a common infrastructure of computational engineering capability combined with a seamless communication hub among the 5 colleges. Additionally this funding enabled the development of an academic curriculum for supporting present technical development initiatives and future technical talent within thes industries. A new technical training class was introduced in January (Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Technologies) along with a Virtual design class and is presently being taught at two of the universities. The phase II plan delivered to the NNSA/DOE/Sandia National Labs by the colleges is under approval in micro-grid and next generation satellite development by these institutions. Upon approval work will begin in these two areas immediately and provide the basis for 2016 funding at approximately $1.2M in continued work among the 5 tribal colleges in September 2016.