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PACE Application

The Great Lakes Composite institute began Thermoplastic Composite R&D in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary facility of Bay Mills Community College as an Indian minority manufacturing supplier functioning as a Tier II/Tier III entity. It has established a technical leadership position as a supplier of composite materials and products focusing on thermoplastic fiber reinforced polymeric innovations and next generation thermoplastic fiber reinforced products. GLCI delivers high value in the composites industry with the materials, products and engineering services we provide. The foundation of this is a patented method developed by GLCI in our-focus/product-development (DRIFT). The continuous fiber/resin process utilizing “DRIFT” introduces significantly higher fiber/resin matrix bond integrity by fully saturating the fiber surface area with optimal surface energy creating virtually 100% bonding surface area and adhesion to the resin resulting in a flaw free higher strength and stiffnesscomposite matrix.



Our Focus

Academic Development

The institute is a center of excellence in providing academic development and hands on training to provide the skills for students in future career opportunities and employment within the composite solution needs of the automotive, aerospace, construction and consumer markets globally. The growth and associated opportunities for our future workforce careers is a relatively untapped opportunity for new trained talent focused in this area and driven by the need for next generation solutions in a global market that presently utilizes only 7% of product applications using the benefits of composites. Learn More



Product Development


The areas of product development/applications conducted by GLCI combined with customer present and future challenges have centered around advancement of composite resins and fiber physical/rheological property optimization, environmentally acceptable product end of life recycling, reduced energy product consumption from manufacture through the product life cycle, quality, cost and methods of fastening/assembly of composite components as critical research challenges. GLCI has partnered with key experts in these fields.

Department of Energy Grant with AIHEC: The NNSA and DOE awarded to BMCC/GLCI and 4 other colleges a startup grant to develop collaboratively n

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BMCC/GLCI has entered into formal alliance with Allied Composites Technologies (ACT) as a key partner in both present and startup product init

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